Our Products

At Fenmarc, we love to create, innovate and prepare products that delight and excite our retail customers and consumers. We’re always looking to improve taste, value and, of course, quality.

With market-leading consumer insight backed by solid research, we are clear what consumers want.

bagofveg3We are proud of our extensive product range which has been developed over the years to encompass all elements of the Prepared Vegetable Category. From simple bagged products, pouches and meal kits, through to stir fry vegetables and more premium trays with additions of butter, sauces and glazes – our range covers the following key sectors of prepared vegetable category:

  • Single Prepared Vegetables
  • Mixed Prepared Vegetables
  • Stir Fry Vegetables
  • Meal Kits and Soup Mixes
  • Ready to Roast Trays
  • Added Value Vegetables