Our Products

At Fenmarc, we love to create, innovate and prepare products that delight and excite our retail customers and consumers. We’re always looking to improve taste, value and quality.


We are proud of our extensive product range which has been developed over the years to encompass all elements of the Prepared Vegetable Category. From simple bagged products and meal kits, through to stir fry vegetables and to more premium tray products with additions of butter and sauces.

Prepared Veg Bags and Meal Kits

We were one of the pioneers in prepared veg in the 1990’s and have continued to develop the range of products we offer over the last 20 years and now sell tens of millions of packs every year. We’re able to offer everything from single-serve portions of a single vegetable through to family-sized packs of mixed vegetables with herbs and spices.

Stir fry

We source and prepare the best quality ingredients from the UK and around the world to produce a range of convenient, quick and healthy stir fry products. Available in bags or trays, our range goes from simple vegetable mixes to the inclusion of beansprouts, noodles and sauces

Roasting Trays

We can offer a diverse range of roasting packs in ovenable foil trays or plastic trays. Our production lines can deal with everything from hand-packed products to fully automated packing of high volume products. Marinades, dressings, sachets, butter portions, cooked meats and fresh herbs can be included.