simon headshot

I’m Category Manager, and it’s my job to develop strong relationships with our retail customers. I do this using insights relevant to our product categories to build long-term plans leading to future growth.

As a Category Manager I’m responsible for analysing numerical and insight data, and then translating this into presentations that provide evidence, facts and direction. These presentations are then used internally and externally with our retail customers.

I’ve been at fenmarc for just over a year I’ve quickly learnt there is a passion for manufacturing excellence and ensuring our customers are provided with market leading quality. From day one of joining fenmarc I quickly got the sense that colleagues really matter, no matter who you are or what level you operate, this is something I’ve rarely seen in previous roles.

Outside of work I’m a keen cook, I enjoy taking the dog for a walk, playing golf and most recently, reliving my youth by dusting off my mid 1990s dance vinyl and turntables!