Peter Kovac headshot

I work in the role of Manufacturing Manager, which means I’m accountable for the manufacturing activities across all shifts. I develop the manufacturing leadership team, implement strategic steps and controls to ensure compliance, and drive our focus to meet KPIs.

I’ve been in the role for around three years, having joined fenmarc as a shift leader in 2017. I’d already built up experience at other companies, starting as a machine minder and developing to deputy production manager. It’s a job that gives me the opportunity to make a positive difference. Seeing the team developing and achieving improvements fills me with satisfaction and gives me energy and hunger for more.

My typical day involves reviewing performance reports and identification of opportunities for improvement. I work closely with many teams across the business — the planning team to review forecasted plans so that appropriate labour and skills are available short and long term; the technical team — agreeing improvements and training required to ensure compliance with customers’ standards.

Fenmarc is a company that recognises the good and hard work of individuals. People feel valued here and are empowered to make a positive impact.