I’m currently a third-year food and drink maintenance engineering apprentice. My role consists of maintaining and fixing machines which are essential for the preparation and packing of our products. 

I finished my A levels in 2020 and was recommended the role by a family friend. I decided to apply and landed the role which was my first serious job. 

I spend two days a week at college and three days on site. A typical day at work consists of me joining the other engineers on shift, assisting them with the setup of the main production area after hygiene. After setup we discuss the jobs that need to be completed that day and I’m assigned jobs of varying complexity, which keeps my job fresh and interesting. These jobs can vary from welding to helping replace motors. Afternoons are often spent completing PPMs (planned preventative maintenance) assigned to me on different bits of machinery around the factory.

I enjoy the variety of my role as no day is the same, meaning one day I could have an electrical breakdown and the next day I could be welding. I also enjoy the social aspect of my job as an engineer — I’m able to speak to lots of different people across teams. 

Fenmarc is a great place to work as you feel heard and appreciated by leaders. Safety is also a priority at fenmarc and support is always provided if you are unsure.