For Christmas 2023 we supported one of our surplus food partners, Community Shop, in their mission to provide 10,000 people in need with a free Christmas Dinner.

We’re really proud that we, and some of our suppliers, have been able to support by donating over a tonne of sprouts, broccoli and carrots to bring some colour to their plates.

Community Shop is a social enterprise to help those in need to get access to food and training to get back on their feet. With donations from us and other food businesses, over 10,000 Christmas dinners were served!

We also made a significant donation to support Circus Star shows at the Key theatre in Peterborough and West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge. Children from Meadowgate Academy in Wisbech were able to see sensory based entertainment including LED hula hoop acts, fast paced juggling, acrobats and much more.

Circus Starr visit 74 towns and cities each year putting on a circus with a purpose. Their shows are solely for children with disabilities, those who may be living with a life-limiting condition including those that may be terminally ill, children that have additional needs and those that are facing challenges such as domestic violence or financial hardship. They’ve been putting these shows on for over 35 years and rely on the help of local businesses who have a strong desire to help and support their local community. Circus Starr is supported by the National Lottery Fundraising but relies on fundraising for most of their costs of organising these shows – it is simply not possible to do these shows without the support of local businesses.