A lady working on the production line

The ingredients that make us what we are

Four principles which we found everything on, that make us different to work for and to work with. They’re values that everyone at fenmarc follows, they guide how we act and how we behave and influence every choice we make. By doing so it makes us stronger as a company and helps us achieve our vision.

  • Everyone’s voice has value; we take the time to listen
  • We expect openness, honesty and integrity
  • Everyone should feel safe sharing their views and able to challenge the norm
we are candid
  • We’re flexible and agile, so we’re able to react swiftly to change
  • We are innovative, hard-thinking problem solvers who aren’t afraid to try new things
  • We are brave, able to take risks and prepared to get things wrong in the pursuit of our goal
We are creative
  • We believe in what we do and care about the success of the business
  • We take a personal pride in our work and the work of fenmarc
  • We strive to be the best we can be
  • We are resilient and face challenges head on
we are committed
  • We work as a team, helping each other to succeed
  • We treat everyone with respect, the way we would want to be treated ourselves
  • We look after our surroundings – our site and the environment around us
  • We celebrate success and keep learning
We are a community

The Values of any business provide a moral compass for its colleagues to follow. Within our business, and everyone we interact with, it isn’t simply about what we do – it’s about how we do it. I’m proud of what we have and our aspiration to improve.

Jim, Managing Director